About the Pekodom range

Pekodom is a Dutch design label with German roots. Pekodom is focused on functional design with attention to detail. These products are intended for use in various settings—from home offices to bedrooms—to simplify and organize your life. Pekodom presents a large collection of affordable products. The collection is well known for its famous Pekodom twist: on trend, original, fine quality and always an option to store your belongings. All products are designed by the Pekodom design team and it is possible to mix and match them with any lifestyle.

Unique products with an innovative design

Creativity can be found in the smallest things. You can find inspiration on events, life milestones, loved ones and gadgets. All of these happenings gain a special place in your life. That is why we have our Creative Living Range for you. Genuine Pekodom design products for the interiors industry. The different ranges can be easily identified by their own style and character. Every design we make tells something about who we are and why we do what we do. Solid and fair materials! 

100% Dutch design

All Pekodom products are designed with great care by our Dutch in-house design team. Based on the latest and advanced trends and production possibilities. Our designs are made for style groups, meaning that our dealers always have a magnificent store presentation. Our goal is to always design our collections at least one year in advance. In this way, the Pekodom collection always includes the newest interior styles.

Shop in shop presentation

To strengthen our brand value we offer the great opportunity to implement a ready made Pekodom shop. This allows you to display the complete Pekodom collection. A perfect way to boost your turn over!

From timber imports
to international trade group

On the 1st of October 1919, founder F.J. Beerkens started Fetim as "Fijnhouthandel Haarlem" focused on the import of hardwood.
In the early 1970s, the company focused on the emerging DIY market. The company quickly saw the potential of the latest trends and thus laid the foundation for the current Fetim.

Today, Fetim supplies a wide range of products such as storage solutions, bathroom furnishings, window decoration, ventilation systems and home accessories, made according to the latest trends and techniques with a wide variety of materials.

After almost a century, Fetim Group is to become an internationally operating company that sells products in more than 40 countries around the world.

Pekodom is part of Fetim's brand portfolio.

Pekodom and FSC®/PEFC™

The Pekodom range includes FSC® (FSC-C008417) or PEFC™ (PEFC/30-31-106) certified products. 
You can recognise the FSC® certified products by the FSC® logo or FSC® description at the product specification.